Be Together, Breathe Together: An Insight to AcroYoga


AcroYoga has become increasingly popular over the past few years forming a thriving community all across the world. Stemming from traditional yoga practices which date back thousands of years ago, it builds strength, enhances flexibility, and cultivates trust, while also offering relaxation. What sets Acro apart from the traditional is that these components and values are practiced with a partner.

In a world where we are constantly interconnected, AcroYoga offers connection in its truest form. A connection far different from the what we typically experience in our daily lives. This bond is tangible, and not to be mistaken for any other. Once you feel it, you will not forget it. It is one of the few things in life that engages you in the present moment - time slows down, and every breath matters. 

These connections and core principals translate well beyond the mat. You may struggle at first, but with the support of your partner you will overcome. It puts you in a position where communication on every human level is vital to success. You realize that even the smallest actions can have a profound effect.

Breathe together, be together, and recognize that progress made together is always better than none at all. 

Embark on a new journey with someone you love, whether it be a friend, family member, or significant other. Most importantly, cherish every moment spent with that person. Let them know you love them, and enjoy each day to the fullest.

Come join Savannah and I this Sunday, February 10th from 1:30-3:30pm for our first AcroYoga workshop!

Be kind to yourself, spread love, Namaste.

Dani Lanza