Setting an intention for your yoga practice is the first step to adding a layer beyond the physical aspect of each pose, or Asana. It is also a place to bring your awareness to if you find your mind being distracted or thoughts wandering. An intention is a way to bring words around the connection between the mind, body, and spirit.

Explore the quiet subtleties of noticing yourself, within your body. It’s an ever-expansive journey inward once you allow your mind to focus on your breath. We bring our hands together at heart center creating Anjali Mudra (the divine seal of intention), bow the forehead to the fingertips to connect head and heart, and silently manifest a mindful life.


I’ll offer a few ways to help you find your true purpose, starting with your intention, or Sankalpa. A Sankalpa is a one-pointed resolve fused by the heart and mind, to allow us to tap into our overarching purpose for being on Earth. When we take a few moments in silence amongst our breath and community, we allow our minds to cultivate a greater awareness around aligning with our highest potential.

1.     Seek a mantra that resonates with you. This can be an “I am” statement such as:

·       I am peace.

·       I am present now.

·       I am loving awareness.

2.     Humming Aum (the universal connection to all living things; the primordial sound of the universe from which all other mantras stem).

3.     Create a Sankalpa. This is your positive affirmation such as:

·       Peace is my true nature.

·       I listen before speaking.

·       I let go of what does not serve me.

·       I feel at home in my body.

At the end of the yoga practice, we return to our hands to heart center to seal off our intention. The journey of yoga begins off the mat. The Asana, or physical practice of a posture, is only one of eight limbs of yoga. When life begins to speed up, we must take the time to step back and breath. Press pause, inhale, dissolve the ego, and allow intuition to guide you like a bright beacon of light within you.

As we continue to manifest and speak the way in which we want our energy to move, we begin to see all the beauty in life. Peace is a natural state of being. Intention reminds you that every moment is a chance to practice yoga. Where your thoughts go, your energy flows. Where your energy flows, your intuition knows. Remember, the universe has your back, and so do I.

XOm ॐ   Savannah