New Year, New You?


As we enter a new year, an opportunity for resolutions, we have a real shot at setting ourselves up for success. So why do these resolutions typically fail weeks in to the new year? 

I’m all about resolutions. A fresh start. My birthday is 2 weeks after new years, so that new year new you statement really resides with me. I’m a year older and have a blank slate to create 365 days that work for me and my life. 

One thing that has always helped me to succeed in life is planning my work and working my plan. You can really have an abundant and full life when you are cause in the matter of what’s really important to you. 

Here are just a few tips that have worked for me that will really set you up to have your best year yet! Whatever your resolutions and goals are for this year, I promise that these few minor adjustments will lead you to have everything you want in your life. 

  1. Put EVERYTHING in your calendar. When I say everything, I mean everything. Even if it’s to remind you to eat, put it in there. Set reminders and alarms. With my hectic schedule, I live off my calendar. It really helps me to make sure I get all the things done that need to get done without the stress and anxiety of feeling overwhelmed. One thing at a time. 

  2. In your calendar, daily, carve out time for YOU! This is so important and probably should be number one on the list. Whether it’s a 45-minute cycle class, an hour yoga class or a 20-minute walk, schedule it. It’s the most unselfish thing you could do. When we are taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we are so much better for those people in our lives. You have to be your top priority before anything and anyone else. Trust me on this one.

  3. Eat good, feel good. You’ve heard it before and I’ll be your friendly reminder for this new year. When you’re fueling your body with proper nutrition and hydration, your body and mind will work for you the way you want it to. This doesn’t mean going on a diet or a cleanse for a few weeks to lose the “Holiday Weight”. This means finding a well balanced meal plan that you can stick to everyday of the year. Foods you like to eat but only what you need. On average, we overeat. We eat for pleasure, for social purposes and out of boredom. Now, this doesn’t mean don’t eat either. Your body runs like a machine and we run them like machines, so it needs fuel not only to survive but to thrive. If you eat as if food is fuel, you will be way more conscious about what and when you eat. 

  4. Sleep! I love to sleep!! Ask anyone that knows me. With an alarm clock 7 days a week and workouts the start and end before the sun comes up, this girl need sleep. Of course, I’d like to get 8 hours in each night, but sometimes I don’t. However, when I am sleep deprived, everything in my life seems to suffer. I used to be a professional “napper” when I lived in NYC. I would schedule them in the mornings in between classes. I don’t nap anymore, but I’m a huge proponent of them. I leave the napping to my Dad these days. He’s very good with nap time. 

  5. Have an accountability partner! This one is great and not only has worked for me in my life but also for many of my students and clients over the years. When you have that one person that’s holding you accountable to your goals, it makes achieving them a lot easier. We never want to let others down, so this is a great way to avoid that. Even if this person doesn’t have the same goals as you, have them hold you to account. It may need to not be someone not super close to you that will let you off the hook. I’m more than happy to be that for you. Just say when! 

  6. Do stuff you enjoy. If you’re suffering to obtain a goal, the likelihood of you failing is much higher. Suffering is optional. Choose activities, exercises, foods, and people that make you happy. Eliminate the rest. Period. 

  7. Be flexible. Not only in the yoga studio, but in your life. Accept that your resolutions and goal may change over the course of the year and that’s okay. Especially after you attain or achieve something, then you make a new goal. Also, be okay with making mistakes. After all, we are human and designed to do so. Allow yourself to restart everyday. That’s the beautiful thing about each day. It is a fresh start. You have the opportunity each morning when you wake up to choose how you’ll be. NO MATTER WHAT! 

I’ll leave you with this. Be the creator of your life this year. Consider that you really do have a blank canvas every morning. You may have the same tasks and chores each day, but color outside the lines. Be powerful in your decision making and last but certainly not least, ask for help. That’s one I struggle with. I’m the “I’ve got it all together and need no one” girl. People want to contribute to you. Let them. After all, the answer is always no unless you ask. 

Happy and Healthy New Year! Looking forward to many sweaty hugs in 2019.

Dani Lanza